Opening for Taj Mahal ~ Grass Valley, CA Center for the Arts

We recently had the huge and fun honor of opening for Taj Mahal at the awesome Grass Valley, CA, Center for the Arts.

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Sleep deprived, coming off of a NW tour, and driving the 14 hours necessary to show up for this sweet event, there was nothing that could stop us from being there to open that night. It was amazing to feel the responsiveness, respect and long term devotion of the audience. Compared to other performances, this crowd was ready to listen with full presence. After making our offering, we excitedly stepped down to take in the show of this legend.


Taj’s performance was warm, spunky, soulful and spread across the rich, powerful array of genres that his life, interest and exposure has nurtured deep within him. At one point during his set, with a lot of fierce love, sternness and the striking power of a papa bear, Taj asked a certain audience member why they are there, and then asked them to please stop talking and please be quiet…. and you can believe they did! With a few chuckles from the audience as well as a good natured, yet still stern gaze from Taj, the people were called to attention and respect… It makes me wonder if we couldn’t all use a little more of that kind of loving and calling out… so many things to distract us from this life, this moment… Hard to know where to listen, lean and receive support to focus us on our journey to wherever we are going.

Honey of the Heart with Taj Mahal March 2015
Honey of the Heart with Taj Mahal March 2015

We spent the remainder of our evening riding the high of joy and aliveness that seems to emit from Taj and his crew, dancing, humming along and connecting with inspired fans and community members about the gratitude for life and all that is yet to come.

We immediately went back to the Bay Area studio and wrote a song (lovingly- in that moment nicknamed, Afro-Cajun-Love-Bomb, and later re-dubbed Motherlode), from the inspiration of listening to Taj’s performance that evening up in the sierra foothills. We have been developing it slowly ever since and continue to ride the inspiration from that evening. Stay tuned for a release of that song (and more) soon!

Thank you for this life!


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