Feast for the Senses + Honey’d Harmonies + Supper Club + House Concert


Join us THIS SATURDAY NIGHT for a intimate, gourmet, supper club, house concert nestled in Berkeley, CA.


Honey of the Heart is an Oakland-based group. The group includes acclaimed touring guitarist, vocalist, and composer Justin Ancheta; vocalist and songwriter Maren Metke; and will be joined by vocalist Adrienne Shamszad at this feast for the senses.


45$ includes dinner concert and dessert.
Special 10$ coupon available on the event page!

7 pm — Buffet Dinner with Table Seating
8:15 pm — Concert
9:45 pm (after concert) — Homemade Decadent Desserts

Non-alcoholic beverages provided, including Traci’s Mango Lemonade Iced Tea. You are welcome to bring your own wine or beer.

Traci’s dinner menu includes:

● Chicken Marbella (or vegetarian entree by request)
● Wild Rice and Quinoa Pilaf
● Roasted Carrots with Mint and Orange
● Mixed Green Salad
After the concert, indulge in a selection of homemade desserts.

FB Event Here:

Listen: http://www.danielsiegelproductions.com/honey-of-the-heart.html

Quadruple honey #honeyoftheheart #looping #harmony #berkeley #supperclub #feastforthesenses #goodfood #music


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