Honey of the Heart, Clan Dyken & Heather Normandale @ Oaklands own PLACE for Sustainable Living this weekend!

We are dancing between the swirl, rush and mystery of Autumn and the strong urge to pull into the creative cozy den of hibernation, writing lyrics and tunes from the folds of several soft fluffy blankets, somewhere warm and candle-lit, provided with unlimited cups of hot cocoa, epic tree-filled views and soup… Mmmmm, so we are doing both!

This Saturday we are playing a private party to honor our Scorpio community members, and Sunday we are playing at the one and only PLACE for Sustainable Living in the heart of Oakleyville (Emeryville, Berkeley, Oakland border) ;).

We are stoked to be supporting a great a long cause, held by the members and family of Clan Dyken. for more information about this show or the cause inspiring it, please follow this link or read more below. We hope to see you there!


Clan Dyken will be coming to the Bay Area on their annual Beaty Way tour with a mission to raise funds to support the Dineh and Navajo people who have been resisting forced relocation for decades as a result of unfair resource extraction on their lands. Clan Dyken have been supporting these folks during their annual the Beauty Way tours through fundraising and annul supply deliveries for the last 20 years.

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