“They are musical magic” ~D.S. Grass Valley, CA

“As soon as their voice, song and music filled the air around me, I felt like I had known them for years. There’s a way that their music intertwine to create a deliciously sweet syrupy experience that matches perfectly their name: Honey of the Heart. I’ve hired them for my 10yr intimate wedding anniversary and then for a bigger underground dance event, and each time they came through with beauty, presence. I recommend them for any event where you want to fill the heart of your guests with wonder and delight!”
~Philippe Lewis, Event Producer, Oakland, CA

“like a soulful balm, honey of the heart moves the spirit and invites the body to follow with with their undulating harmonies and beautiful lyrics. seeing them is a joyous full body experience” ~ S.C.W. Grass Valley, CA

“I heard the two harmonic voices and instruments one night amidst candles and stars …it was completely transformational! Don’t miss a beautiful musical journey with Honey of the Heart!” -Susan Shriver, KVMR DJ, Nevada City, CA

“Honey of the Heart plays enchanting music for the soul!” ~G. M. Chico, CA

“Beautiful Music!” -K.A. Musician, Santa Cruz, CA

Maren‘s singing is heavenly, but a rooted sort of heavenly – tough, with a little sass thrown in to balance the sweet purity of her voice and the emotive quality of her melodies. When joined with Justin in Honey of the Heart, the listener experiences something akin to drinking honeywine – warmth, inspiration, excitement, joy…” ~T. Maddock, Nevada City & Chico, CA

“I have been moved to tears by this versatile and inspirational duo that weave rich vocals and melodies… haunting, harmonies and polyrhythms that are infused with a deeply sweet presence.” ~John Steere, Berkeley, CA  (Webster Haven House Concerts)


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